The Cary Arts Center


Being able to see a building and visualize what that could be with a lot of modification is a special skill. It is one thing to visualize a final result and yet quite another to take all the steps to get from point A to point B. There is no magic that will skip through the necessary steps in the journey from beginning to end. We can make the time between steps shorten to seconds with a camera and some forethought.

Almost five years ago I began photographing the transformation of a local school into an Arts Center. During the project, I made a conscious decision to make many photographs from the same spot throughout the project. The goal was to show the architectural transformation from (many) particular points of view. While the presentation was a foregone conclusion, the method for making it happen was unknown.

With a lot of help from friends and some clever programming the project is completely realized. You can see how the Cary Elementary School became the Cary Arts Center.


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