Winter Window


Knowing when to “push the button” only comes to those that take the time to sit, wait and observe the scene in front of them. After observation and deliberation one knows when to make the image. Very rarely do we come upon a scene that needs to be recorded immediately. So, we sit and wait. Or, we consult an appropriate computer program on our smart phone to tell us when the sun will be in the right position. While efficient, technology takes away serendipity and the happy accident. I had no idea a large oak tree would completely eclipse the window and disrupt the smooth progression of light across the wall. You learn this by sitting, watching and waiting.

After thinking about it for a long time, (years, in fact) I recently came upon the idea that an entire series of photographs showing the progression of light and shadow through the scene and how the light interacts with the objects it strikes would be the subject of a series of photographs because one photograph cannot tell the story. As I look through this presentation I have found more than a few “favorites” to be included in the final project.

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