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This page has all the links to the text heavy portion of the web site. You can find all sorts of miscellaneous information and text and publication projects.

I think that if an artist cannot communicate the intent of their art they have not completely thought through what it is their art is to accomplish. I do quite a bit of thinking about photography and the result of some of these thoughts appear on links from this page. Again, the format is Acrobat PDF files, so you may download and enjoy at your leisure.

Photographic Articles

If you are amused (or appalled) by my writings, this page contains a compendium of my published writings on the topic of photography. Enjoy or avoid as you wish.

Technology in Service to the Arts!

Do you have problems naming your artwork? Are you tongue-tied in the presence of your pretentious artistic colleagues? Help is but a click or two away! Download the story behind the BrainStorm Titler and the Critical Response to the Artistic Photograph Generator. Read and understand how advanced computer software will improve your photography. Generate artistic titles for you photographs using the Brain Storm Automatic Artistic Photographic Titling Engine. If you want to sound like a Post Modernistic, Deconstructed, Web 2.0, Twenty First Century, Big City, MFA Art Critic, click on over to the Critical Response to the Artistic Photograph Generator.

Please don't take this too seriously. I didn't. It's photographic humor and fun.

A Rose by any other Name... (The absolutely true story about the new revolution in Photographic Software!)

The Brain Storm Automatic Artistic Photographic Titling Engine

The "Critical Response to the Artistic Photograph" Generator



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