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How I make Platinum / Palladium Prints


Wherein the author explains his methods and demonstrates his techniques for creating platinum palladium prints of incomparable beauty with complete and utter disregard for pretentious photographic artiste tradition.


Every photographer (well, just about every photographer) that dabbles in the arcane world of alternative processes has a section of their web site where they declare the immutable, inviolate truths of their chosen process for the entire webosphere to pore over, marvel at and then heap praise and glory upon the self-proclaimed Great Photographer.


Far be it for me to fight the urge to do likewise. Alas, I have been seduced by the innate desire to display my technical wizardry, droll wit and artistic acumen to surfers of the webosphere. That, and the website needs some new content. So, we all win.

Herein you shall find -

A desperately dull (but mercifully short) section describing negatives (both film and digital). A profusely illustrated section demonstrating my incredible skill in coating paper with actual platinum and palladium solutions. A true visual delight. A fitting denouement the the entire process is a mildly amusing section in which I process an actual platinum print. The latter two sections photographed in my very own darkroom, with my very own camera using the light from my sixty watt "bug bulb safe light". Of course, the digerati out there will visibly cringe and mock me for not understanding "white balance" and conclude that I know nothing about photography. Such is the abuse heaped upon those of us that practice the arcane alchemy of the ancient photographic ways.

These few web pages are unrelentingly technical, so I have tried to liven them up with droll comments and clever illustrations. I suggest that you start with Making Negatives, then move on to Coating Paper and then Printing. That way you can see the negative and the print come together to produce a lovely piece of art.

Remember, I take photography pretty seriously. Myself, not so much. Comments are always welcome, especially those that might improve my photography.


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