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Self Portrait at Pioneer Village, Crosby, North Dakota


Joe Lipka was born in Lorain, Ohio (near Cleveland), in 1951. He attended University of Notre Dame in Indiana, earning a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and Master of Business Administration.

Joe’s introduction to photography wasn’t by design. Hoping to secure an elective in his senior year at Notre Dame, he arose at 3:00 AM to stand in line for one of the 21 seats available for Beginning Photo. Unfortunately, other students had the same idea and he found himself 22nd in line. Happily, the fellow ahead of him was in the wrong line and Joe secured the last seat. The creative aspect of this mechanical and chemical process led him to take six photography courses at Notre Dame.

His informal training has come by way of workshops with Bruce Barnbaum, Stu Levy, David Bayles & Ted Orland, and Edna Bullock. “More importantly, I’ve participated in The Brooks and Joe Annual Photo Safari — the best ever, longest running, smallest and most unknown photographic workshop in the U.S.A. (and occasionally Canada).”

Joe’s “triumvirate of personal favorites” are Edward Weston, Walker Evans and Eugene Atget. “Music is important to my creative process. Jazz and classical music are my favorites when working on the computer and in the darkroom. My taste in music is catholic, and includes baroque, country, classic rock and jazz.”

While Joe makes a living as a business analyst/consultant (“my family has always insisted on wearing shoes, living indoors and eating regularly”) he spends much of his personal time and resources on photography. He has two grown daughters, Catherine and Victoria, and lives with his wife, Debi (“a fine judge of good photography”), in Cary, North Carolina.

-Maureen Gallagher
Editor, LensWork Magazine
from issue #71




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