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Dancing with Light- Vistas


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Winter Window

Objects in Mirror

Light on China
(Two Folios)

The Cary Arts Center

Pattern and Rhythm

Time and Tide

Desert Snow

The Pattern of Shadows

An Icon Transformed:
The Metamorphosis
of an Old Cary School
into a New Arts Center


Wide Wyoming


The Shoshone Building


Despise Not My Petitions


The Labyrinth

By the River

Ansorge Hotel:

Something's in the Kitchen

A Change of Pace

Edge of Forgotten

A Modest Grace

Abstract to Concrete

The Carpenter Portfolio

Elements of Change


Hell's Half Acre


The Flower Shop

Academy Street


The Fifty Project

Stillness Borne on the Wind


Main Street



Serendipity of St. Paul

A Sense of the Seasons

Prairie Schools

Oakwood Cemetery

Eel Creek Dunes


Colonial Christmas




Elk Creek

Hong Kong Bird Market

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