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Landscape photographs of Utah

Dancing with Light

Two things matter in landscape photography: where you stand and when you press the shutter. A great landscape photograph is a dance between the photographer the scenery and the light. The challenge is to choreograph alignment and timing. Sometimes it works well. Sometimes not. Other times the results are more than memorable.

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Farm Life in North Dakota

Sense of the Seasons

Nature marks the passing of a year with seasonal changes. We can mark the phases of our lives in terms of seasons. See the Seasons of Our Lives reflected in the farmland of North Dakota.

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Academy Street Cary North Carolina

Memories of Academy Street

We turn to photography to create the future memories with the hope that we can avoid the fragility of our mental processes. We capture the present to make our future Memories. These Memories serve to remind us of Academy Street and the passage of time in Cary, North Carolina.

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Academy Street Cary North Carolina

After the Memories

People go away
Buildings are demolished
Memories are forgotten
After the Memories are forgotten
All we have left are the photographs

These photographs of Academy Street document the changes made in the past thirty years.

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Passages and Portals

Passages and Portals

"It's a dangerous thing to open a door," says Bilbo Baggins. But we go through doors and down passages everyday. Do we really know what lies on the other side of the door? We open a door and the adventures begin."

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Hell's Half Acre

Hell's Half Acre

We continue to photograph the American West because we want to share the beauty and wonder with that part of the world.

A Blurb ezine publication.

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The objects are symbols, and they exist together in harmony with the natural forms around them. The natural and man-made reflecting the shapes and forms in perfect harmony.

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Mostly True Stories

Mostly True Stories

The photos are true, and so are the words, but they may not be true together. Read the Mostly True Stories told by an old man.

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